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Tea is love!

Tea is love, tea is an emotion and the best companion to break-free from the monotony of life! Ask any tea lover and they would relate to these heartfelt words and how tea drives their emotions. Right from celebrations to sorrows, for a tea lover the only constant in this world is the love of tea!

No wonder, these words might seem so fascinating, but is this passion-driven love for tea might be killing your metabolism? Well, it’s time to take a pause and ponder over the fact that too much of anything can be harmful for health and so is tea. Here’s a low down on how too much of tea can affect your health.

02/9World’s most loved beverage

There’s no denying to the fact that tea happens to be one of the world’s most loved beverages. The choice of tea varies from person to person and region to region. Right from our very own masala chai to aromatic chamomile tea to smooth decaf tea, there’s a galore of variants to choose from! Interestingly, each variant of tea is enriched with the goodness of nature and is loaded with umpteen health benefits, but too much of anything can be bad for healthy and so is tea! Hence, if you too feel addicted to tea, then these scary facts will make you reduce your tea intake! Read on to know more about it.

03/9Sleep disorders

If you too are suffering from lack of sound sleep or insomnia then blame it on your true love– Tea! Yes, too much of tea consumption can hamper your sleep in all ways. The presence of caffeine in tea can simply take a toll on your sleep cycle. Caffeine interferes with the melatonin hormone, which affects the sleep pattern.

04/9Low nutrient-absorption

Increased intake of caffeine can actually hamper your digestion and reduce the absorption of nutrition. Tea has a component called tannin, which hampers the absorption of iron from the food we eat! This is the reason why it is good to drink tea between meals and not with meals.

05/9Increased restlessness

We mostly grab a cup of tea to relieve the stress and take a break from our hectic lives, but did you know that this habit can actually aggravate the stress and anxiety you go through. Yes, too much caffeine consumption can lead to restlessness. And the best way to deal with such symptoms is just by reducing tea intake and replacing regular tea with the health variants like chamomile, white tea or green tea.

06/9Heartburn and discomfort

There’s no denying to the fact that your favourite cup of tea often makes you uneasy and uncomfortable! This is simply because the presence of caffeine in tea aggravates the acid formation in the stomach leading to heartburn, bloating and uneasiness. Moreover, it also causes acid reflux in the body.

07/9Pregnancy complications

Yes, excessive consumption of tea can be harmful for the mother as well as the baby. Increased consumption of caffeine can increase the risk of complications. Hence, it is advised to go for caffeine free tea or herbal tea during pregnancy to avoid complications.


You must have been going for a cup of tea with the hope that it will give you the much needed relief from headaches. Unfortunately, this habit of yours might be the reason for your headaches. Yes, excessive intake of tea or any source of caffeine can not increase your dependency on tea (caffeine) but at the same time it also leads to discomfort and headaches.

This condition is aggravated during intermittent fasting.


Drinking tea, especially milk based tea can make you feel nauseated, this is due to the presence of tannins, which irritates the digestive tissue and leads to bloating, discomfort, stomach ache.

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