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It can be hard to avoid drinking this holiday season, especially during family gatherings or night out with friends. But people can still stick to their strict diet or healthy routine while enjoying some alcoholic drinks.

Moderate consumption is the best tip to follow during the holidays. However, when you are surrounded by friends and family, it can be hard to say no to two more glasses or bottles until you forget that you promised yourself  “only a few drinks.”Learn to Enjoy Alcoholic Drinks This Holiday Season

You should be a “smart drinker” if you want to look good and feel good as you welcome the new year. This article explores some of the healthiest alcoholic drinks for people this holiday season.

Some Hard Spirits

Gin, whiskey, tequila and light rum are made without additives and sugar. Boost their flavor by adding soda and a squeeze of lime or lemon, or even a splash of tonic.

“Otherwise, although I do not normally recommend “diet” drinks, a diet mixer, for example a diet tonic or cola, would ensure you keep your calorie intake in check,” nutritionist May Simpkin told Healthista. “Adding a small quantity of juice is also a good alternative but a large glass will also contain a lot of sugar.”

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s health benefits come from the added tomato juice, which offers some antioxidants, such as lycopene, vitamin C and potassium. This drink includes vodka, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and salt.

You can also add more vegetables to increase its nutrients and fiber while enjoying the night with your friends and family.


A common Irish drink, Guinness is known for being a healthy alcoholic drink. It provides antioxidants, B vitamins and soluble fiber and less calories.

Vodka and Soda

Combining vodka with soda will give you a sugar-free alcoholic drink with less calories. Add more flavor by squeezing lime.


Wine can be the best pick over beer and flavored ready-made alcoholic bottled drinks because of its low sugar content. Go for either white wine or red wine, which both provide similar calories.

However, there are certain wine products that you should avoid. Rosé wine and dessert wines are sweeter and may contain more calories.

Light Beers

Beer is known to have high amounts of carbs and sugar. Consider light beers to reduce your intake of sugar and calories during parties.


Champagne gives less calories than a glass of white wine and beer. You can also get some vitamin C by making a cocktail with orange or grapefruit juice.


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