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It’s the South Korean coffee treat that seems to have – almost overnight – gained worldwide popularity. But is it as easy to make as it appears to be?

The world being forced to self-quarantine in order to avert a full-blown explosion of the Coronavirus pandemic has given rise to a certain social media sub-culture of sorts, with a number of trends catching on.

While the Internet is replete with an ever-growing list of memes and challenges to keep netizens occupied, there is at least one growing trend that is tangible, and deliciously consumable, and that is Dalgona Coffee.

How To Make Delicious Dalgona Coffee At Home

One may have stumbled across people posting pictures of the sumptuous looking concoction on Twitter and particularly Instagram. But did you know that making it at home is a cinch, even with limited supplies in the times of quarantine?

Here’s how you can catch on to the Dalgona Coffee trend, and emulate the South Korean chilled coffee recipe at home.

How to make Dalgona Coffee at home – a minimalist’s guide – as per ‘The Cooking Foodie’:

Dalgona Coffee ingredients and essentials:

  • Instant Coffee
  • Water
  • Chilled milk
  • Sugar
  • A whisk
  • Ice
  • A glass
  • A bowl

Dalgona Coffee cooking instructions (pictures courtesy The Cooking Foodie):

Step 1: Take 2 tablespoons of Instant Coffee, put in a bowl

Step 2: Take 2 tablespoons sugar, add to bowl

Step 3: Take 3 tablespoons hot water, add to bowl

Step 4: Take a whisk – mechanised or hand-whisk – and whisk the mix

(Will require some amount of effort by hand, but you’ll find your technique improving as you go along)

Slowly, you’ll find the colour and consistency changing to a creamy light brown

Step 5: Add a few ice cubes to a clear glass. Pour chilled milk till about 2/3rds full

Step 6: Top the milk with a few spoonfuls of your whipped Dalgona coffee cream

Step 7: Make it look pretty, and voila, your Dalgona Coffee is ready!

Here’s a video tutorial, courtesy The Cooking Foodie:

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