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We’ve all had a love-hate relationship with chocolates. Their heavenly taste is to die for, but then, they also end up making us fat.

But we’re not talking about ‘those’ (fabricated, sugar-loaded) chocolates here, we’re talking about the ‘super-food’ dark chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants, and is low in sugar and calories (comparatively).

Here are top 5 health-boosting benefits of eating dark chocolate.

Heart Health: Eating dark chocolate can do wonders to your heart health

Research has shown that the flavonols present in dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure, and also improve blood flow to your heart and brain.

A study on elderly men found out that cocoa consumption reduced risk of death from heart diseases by as much as 50% among them.

So, munch on a couple of squares every day for a healthier heart.

Cholesterol: Dark chocolate is great for your overall cholesterol status

Studies prove that dark chocolate is great for your overall cholesterol profile.

This happens because the polyphenols present in cocoa powder and dark chocolates can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and also raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in our body.

Additionally, its richness in powerful antioxidants can also help in giving a boost to your heart and overall general good health.

Skin health: Dark chocolate will give you flawless, beautiful-looking skin

The powerful antioxidants in dark chocolate protect your skin from free radical damage, thus helping keep it healthy and flexible.

Not just that, eating dark chocolate also helps protect you from the harmful UV rays, thereby preventing issues like sunburn and skin cancer.

All in all, it is good for keeping your skin hydrated, glowing, and nourished for a long period of time.

Brain function: Dark chocolates may also improve your cognitive abilities

A study of healthy volunteers showed that consumption of high-flavonols dark chocolate for several days improved blood flow to brain among them.

Additionally, the presence of stimulants like caffeine and theobromine can also be cited for boosting your brain power in the short-term.

What’s more? Chocolate is a natural stress-buster, and helps boost your mood, thus proving a great option for better mental well-being.

Better eyesight: Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate can improve eyesight

As per a recent research, participants who ate dark chocolate with high cocoa flavanols experienced better overall visual performance.

They were able to better detect motion and read low contrast letters.

The root for these results could be the hike in blood flow to the retina and brain, as promoted by dark chocolate consumption.

Still here? Go grab some cocoa goodness now!

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