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Never heard of white tea? “It is the least processed of all tea varieties. It is made from leaves and buds of the plant Camellia Sinensis that are plucked the day before they open. The leaves are then simply arranged and sun-dried, without being processed,” says Amit Anand, Owner of Mingle Tea. It is basically tea in its raw, natural state. “White tea is subtle and mild in flavour, with sweet notes, and pairs beautifully with rose petals,” says Amit Anand, Owner of Mingle Tea.

White tea is native to China (Fujian province), Eastern Nepal, Eastern Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and India, and “is more beneficial than other teas,” says Dr. Bindu Sthalekar, Dermatologist. It has been shown to reverse the negative effects that environmental pollutants and toxins have on our body and mind. White tea helps you look younger, feel better and ward off chronic diseases. A magical brew, indeed!

Scroll down for 12 amazing white tea benefits –

1. Powerhouse of Antioxidants

Dr. Anju Sood, Bangalore-based Nutritionist says, “White tea contains high amounts of antioxidants which protect the body against free radicals that cause oxidative damage.” Antioxidants neutralise these free radicals and boost overall health.

2. Helps Treat Cancer

White tea contains flavonoids, a class of antioxidants, that inhibit the growth of cancercells and prevent the development of new ones. According to the Oregon State University, white tea is a great source of cancer-fighting compounds.


3. Lowers Cholesterol
Dr. Anju Sood adds, “White tea also helps to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).”
4. Boost Immunity
“The catechins present in white tea help reduce inflammation, regulate the immunesystem and increase resistance to infections,” adds Dr. Manoj Ahuja.
5. Improves Digestion
“White tea improves digestion, especially when you’re suffering from stomach cramps or nausea. It also helps to avoid constipation”, says Dr. Sood.
6. Promotes Heart Health:
Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Fortis Hospital says, “White tea reduces the risk of heart diseases by protecting the entire circulatory system. According to many studies, people who drink two or more cups of white tea daily are almost 50% less likely to die post suffering a heart attack.”

7. Boosts Memory

White tea contains polyphenols such as manganese, zinc and selenium which improve memory and concentration, while reducing brain fatigue.

8. Reduces Sugar Cravings

Dietician Anshul Jaibharat says, “Often, people turn to green tea for weight management. But drinking white tea after meals is a great alternative, as it also helps curb sugar cravings.”


9. Boosts Energy and Alertness

L-theanine, another important nutrient in white tea tea, produces a feeling of alertness and increased mental clarity.

10. Reduces Stress

Anxious? Stressed? Start drinking white tea in the morning and afternoon. It contains theanine, which helps calm frayed nerves and leaves you feeling relaxed.

 11. Promotes Healthy Skin

White tea works in several ways to combat dullness, spots and wrinkles caused by toxins. “It helps in maintaining healthy skin and gives you that glow you’ve always wanted,” says Dr. Bindu Sthalekar, Dermatologist.

12. Anti-Ageing

As we age, our skin tends to sag due to the presence of free radicals in our body, which accelerate the ageing process. But do not fret. Dr. Bindu Sthalekar adds, “White tea contains high amounts of anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties that help prevent wrinkles and sagging skin”. It revitalises your skin and prevents premature ageing.

Time to sip some white tea, wouldn’t you agree?
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